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What is The COOKie?

The COOKie is a brown butter, chocolate chip cookie :) We use high quality milk chocolate AND semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was our Dads favorite cookie that our Mom made and we are so excited to share the family recipe with you so you can make it in your home :)

What is The COOKie Doodle?

The COOKie Doodle is a brown butter, snickerdoodle rolled in cinnamon & sugar!

How do I buy COOKie Dough?

We release COOKie Dough in limited batches every other week. Follow us on social @somethingsweetdough for updates on when COOKie Dough is available. Once it sells out, you will have to wait until the next restock.

The COOKie is located in select retail locations. Use our store locator to find COOKie Dough near you!

Do you ship COOKie Dough?

Yes, we ship across the US during our selected COOKie Dough restock windows!

Can I find Something Sweet in stores?

Yes! We are excited to offer a retail version of The COOKie in select retail locations. Please use our store locator to find Something Sweet near you.

How do I know when you restock?

Join our email list and follow us on social @somethingsweetdough to be notified when we restock! Join our email list here!

How long will it take to get my COOKie Dough?

Orders start shipping Monday-Wednesday after the restock window dates! We use Express Frozen Delivery, so once your order ships, you will receive it in 2-3 days.

How many COOKies are in each bag?

Each bag contains 10, 80 gram frozen COOKie dough balls. It makes a big COOKie :)

Does the COOKie dough contain nuts?

Our original chocolate chip COOKie dough does contain almond products and is made in facilities that may have other traces of nuts. Please do not eat if you have a nut allergy!

How long does the COOKie Dough last?

You will definitely be baking these up ASAP but it will stay fresh in the freezer for up to 6 months :)

Can I eat COOKie Dough raw?

We know it's tempting, but please do not eat raw dough. We promise it's super amazing once baked and you can enjoy a fresh, warm COOKie :)

What's the deal with the "COOKie Press"?

In our instructions, we suggest giving the COOKie Dough a light press about 8-9 minutes into baking. Because you bake your COOKies from frozen, to allow for an even bake, a little help might be needed :) You can press as hard or as lightly as you like to achieve your desired COOKie doneness!

Light press = ooey, gooey center! Your COOKie will still be thick, with golden edges and a little underbaked.

Medium press = a little more well done! Medium thickness with a baked through center.

Hard press = If you like a crispy COOKie, give it a good press so it is baked all the way through and nice and crispy along the edges!

What happens if I get my my COOKie Dough and they are not frozen anymore?

Our COOKie Dough is frozen and must remain frozen until you are ready to bake!

If the package was delayed by the carrier, please file a report with the carrier. If there was an issue with the dough and it was not delayed please email hello@somethingsweetdough.com with your confirmation number and please include pictures of the shipment.

Return /Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds or returns. If there was an error in the packaging or handling of the order, please contact us. Please read our full policy here: Return/Refund Policy

Where do you ship?

We currently ship our COOKie Dough across the US. We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We offer a flat rate of $16.99 for shipping. Frozen shipping is more expensive because in order to keep the COOKie Dough frozen, we ship with an insulated cooler box, dry ice, and express shipping!

When will my COOKie dough ship?

Orders placed between Friday-Sunday will start shipping Monday-Wednesday the following week.

Why is it called "The COOKie"?

It is called "The COOKie" because our last name is Cook :)

What happens if I enter the wrong shipping address on my order?

Please email hello@somethingsweetdough.com ASAP with the correct address and we will try to update before the order ships!

I just realized I will not be home for the delivery...Can you delay the shipment?

Please email hello@somethingsweetdough.com ASAP and we will try to delay the shipping date.

Can I do a fundraiser with Something Sweet?

Yes! We love working with organizations to give back. Please email us at hello@somethingsweetdough.com to chat more about fundraising opportunities!