Something Sweet Frozen Cookie Dough is a great Gift!

Something Sweet Frozen Cookie Dough is a great Gift!

Looking for the perfect gift? We got something sweet for you...


When you think of gifts, it's easy to reach for the candy or flowers or things. But why not try something new? Take and Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are a classic gift, and they're easy to order online. Order your favorite frozen dough for the best cookies for friends and family today!

How to send cookies as gifts

To order, you can go online, add to cart and checkout then we take care of the rest. You can then customize the packaging by adding a gift card or note to the recipients! Your cookies will then be shipped directly to your loved ones for an extra special surprise and sweet treat at their convenience.

The perfect chocolate chip cookie dough gift for all occasions

  • Birthdays

  • Holidays

  • Sick Loved ones

  • Condolences

  • Just because

  • Celebrations

Any occasion is a good time to send someone a box of Something Sweet Dough. They are easy to send as gifts, so you don't have to be there when the person opens them. And they're just as easy for the recipient: just place them in the freezer! The perfect gift so they can bake these cookies at home and bake them whenever they want; the recipient will only need about 11-14 minutes in the oven before enjoying fresh-baked ooey gooey goodness.

Frozen cookie dough is convenient and tasty!

Frozen cookie dough is convenient and tasty!

When it comes to baking, there are many reasons why people choose to use pre-made cookie dough. The first reason is that it’s easier than making the batter from scratch. All you have to do is pop the frozen cookie dough into your oven. Another advantage of using frozen cookie dough is that it makes a great gift. Whether its for Christmas gift, a Birthday gift, a Condolences gift, a new baby gift...etc , a box of cookie dough can be the perfect gift. You can even make up a batch and bring the cookies to a party or get together or keep it in your freeze for that 911 sweet tooth so that it’s ready to go when you need it, whatever the situation would be. Finally, frozen cookie dough is convenient and tasty!

The best time of year for gifting frozen cookie dough with pre-made chocolate chip cookies? Anytime! But if you need ideas on what kind of occasion would be best suited for giving this type of gift, here are some suggestions:

The Best Time of Year for Gifting Frozen Cookie Dough with Pre-Made Chocolate Chip Cookies:

•Valentine’s Day (how about a heart shaped cookie?)

•Mother’s Day (a great way to show Mom how much you care)

•Father’s Day (you can even make up a batch of cookie dough in Dad’s favorite flavor) •Birthdays (a great gift for the birthday boy or girl)

•Graduation (for those friends who graduated from high school, college, law school—or even a beauty school)

•Christmas (who doesn’t love homemade cookies?)


Ordering this Frozen Chocolate chip Cookie Dough is a great gift to all... and especially those who have great taste in cookies ;)



You don’t have to be a world-class baker to make great cookies. With Something Sweet Dough, all you need is a craving! We offer a the worlds best take and bake frozen chocolate chip cookie dough , so you can always find something delicious for everyone on your list. Whether it’s the holidays or just an ordinary day, there’s no better gift than cookies baked fresh from scratch by someone who cares about you.

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