two brown chocolate chip cookies- valentines day

Love Baked In: Elevate Your Valentine's Day with Something Sweet Dough!

This Valentine's Day, make your celebration sweeter with Something Sweet Dough. Elevate your Valentine's Day with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies, made effortlessly with our pre-portioned dough balls. No mess, no stress – just pure cookie bliss for you and your special someone.

Indulge in the classic charm of our brown butter chocolate chip cookie dough, a perfect blend of rich flavors, premium chocolate chips, and velvety brown butter. Share the joy or treat yourself to a moment of self-love – these cookies are the epitome of perfection.

Introducing our latest creation – the brown butter snickerdoodle. A delightful mix of brown butter, cinnamon, and sugar, these snickerdoodle delights bring a unique twist to your Valentine's Day celebration. Surprise your loved ones with something extraordinary... and Something Sweet;)

Spread the love! Consider gifting our frozen dough to friends, family, or even as a delightful treat for yourself. Bake and share the warmth of homemade cookies, because love is meant to be shared.

Let Something Sweet Dough be the secret ingredient to your Valentine's Day. Whether you choose the classic charm of brown butter chocolate chip or the exciting twist of brown butter snickerdoodle, our premium frozen cookie dough promises to sweeten your celebration. Turn on the oven, embrace the joy of baking, and make this Valentine's Day a deliciously memorable one with Something Sweet Dough!

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